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Tips For Online Banking


Be Cautious of Fake Contact details on Internet

Dear Customers,


It has been brought to our notice that fraudsters are editing/updating the phone numbers of our Bank’s branches/Offices on Internet Search pages. Any Phone Call to such telephone numbers appearing in Internet search pages may result in fraudsters answering the phone calls posing as Bank staff and seeking sensitive information like ATM PIN, CVV, OTP and other related details. We hereby advise our customers NOT to refer to the Internet to obtain the phone numbers / contact details of Bank’s branches. Customers should only use Bank’s Authorised website for getting the contact details of our branches/Offices for any assistance required

  • Your User ID, Login Password and Transaction Password are highly confidential. Do not part with and disclose it to others. Please change them often and maintain secrecy of the same.

  • Avoid using cyber cafes to access your online accounts as they may be infested with Virus, Trojans or Spywares which might track your activity or worse, compromise your security.

  • Check that the site is secure before making transitions online. You should always look for "https" in the URL and the "safe secure lock" at the right-hand bottom corner of your browser window.

  • Verify the domain name displayed to avoid spoof websites before using Internet Banking.

  • Log out properly and close your browser when you have finished using Internet banking

  • Do not leave your computer unattended while you are accessing Internet banking services.

  • Lock your computer when you are away from it. Even if you only step away from your computer for a few minutes, it's enough time for someone else to destroy or corrupt your information. Locking your computer prevents another person from being able to simply sit down at your computer and access all of your information.

  • Never reply to unknown e-mails.

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