Service Charges


service charges

As per RBI directives, IBA advised all member Banks to disclose the details about service charges/other charges being levied by Bank's and place on their bank's website as prescribed in Fair Practice Code for information to General Public. We have already adopted the Fair Practice Code norms in our Bank. Accordingly, we furnish below the charges of our Bank on various services rendered to the Customers.



Sr.No. Type of Service Revised Charges
1. Ledger Folio charges ( w.e.f 01.10.2013 ) SB CA: For OCC/KCC/SOD For all branches SB - Nil CA: a. Rs. 3 per txn with a minimum of Rs. 50/- per quarter (If AQB is up to Rs.50000/-) b. Rs.2 per txn with a minimum of Rs.30/- per quarter (if AQB is above Rs.50000/-) For OCC/KCC/SOD Rs.3/- per entry
( w.e.f 01.09.2013 )
2. Duplicate passbook/ statement 40 entries or part thereof is treated as one page / sheet.
  Dup PB/Statement Additional page/sheet
Other Than Individual (All centers) Rs.75 Rs.40
(For individual) Other than rural branches Rs.50 Rs.25
(For individual) Rural branches Rs.30 Rs.10
3. Cheque leaf charges SB - Rs.1.00 per leaf. CA/CC/OD - Rs.3.00 per leaf.
4. Non-maintenance of minimum balance  
    Minimum balance requirements(AQB)
    Charges and Methodology (w.e.f 01.10.2017)
    Category Required
AQB (Rs.)
Short Fall Slab Percentageof penaltyon theactualshorfall
  SB Rural 500 Upto Rs 250.00 10%
Above Rs 250.00 15%
Semi Urban 500 Upto Rs 250.00 10%
Above Rs 250.00 15%
Urban and Metro 1000
Upto Rs 500.00 10%
Above Rs 500.00 15%
NRE SB and NRO SB 5000 Upto Rs 2500.00 10%
Above Rs 2500.00 15%
  CA Required Balance Penal charges for non maintanance of minimum balance
Rs.5000/- Rs.200/-
5. Closure of a/cs (for a/cs which are closed after 14 days and within 6 months from the date of opening)
SB Rates (Rs.)
Rural 100
Non Rural 150


CA Rates (Rs.)
Rural 200
Non rural 400
6. Stop payment instructions SB
For SB Rs.50/- per cheque Rs.150/- for series of Cheques (more than 3 Cheques) For CA/CC/OD Rs.100/- per cheque Rs.250/- for series of Cheques (more than 3 Cheques)
7 Standing instruction Charges for Standing Instructions within the bank free.
Amount Slab Charges
Deposit amount upto Rs.1 lac Rs.50
Deposit amount above Rs.1 lac to Rs.10 lacs Rs.100
Deposit amount above Rs.10 lacs Rs.150
For CASA accounts Rs.50
* Charges are exclusive of service tax
    Periodical remittances / Interest and maturity
Pay -out Charges*
Amount Slab Charges
Amount up to Rs 10000/- NIL
Amount above Rs 10000/- to Rs.1 lakh Rs.5
above Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs.2 lakh
Amount above Rs. 2 Lakh Rs.25
* Charges are exclusive of service tax
8. Confirmation of signature (specimen) For obtaining loan from finance companies/ institutions and other purposes Rs.25/- for Rural Rs.100/- for Non rural
9. Issue of certificates No objection/no dues/ balance/interest charged/chq honored/ A/c maintained Rs.50/- Rural Rs.100/- Others
10. Enquiry of old transactions For queries pertaining to entries up to 1 year For queries pertaining to entries older than one year
Enquiry above 6 Months up to 1 Year SB CA/OD/OCC
Other Than Individual (All centers) Rs.50 Per occasion Rs.200 Per occasion
(For individual) Other than rural branches Rs.50 Per Occasion Rs.150 Per Occasion
(For individual) Rural branches Rs.25 Per entry Rs.50 Per entry
Above one year - Branch Managers discretion to charge over & above the prescribed rates.
11. Issue of Duplicate deposit certificate Rs.50/- per certificate.
12. Transfer of deposits proceeds/Interest Within bank- Nil To other banks - NEFT/RTGS standing instruction set up charges plus slab wise charges as in serial No (7) above will be levied*
13. Change of authorized signatory including power of Attorney/Mandate Rs.100/- per every change.
14. For SB a/cs withdrawal either by cheque or otherwise exceeding 30 transactions per half-year - thereafter Rs.10/- per transaction. / The number of withdrawals is restricted to cheque transactions only (cash/Tr/Clg). / Other debits - Standing instructions, ATM withdrawals and ECS to a/cs are exempted.
Up toRs.1 Lac
Rs.1 - 3 Lac
Rs.3 - 5 Lac
Rs.5 - 10 Lac
Rs.10 - 25 Lac
Rs.25 - 50 Lac
Rs.50 Lac and above
0.25% of the solvency certificate amount. (Minimum - Rs.500/-)
16. Collection of inward/outward cheques (out station)
Value (Rs) Service Charge*
Up to and including 5,000 Rs.25
Above 5,000 and up to and including 10,000 Rs.50
Above 10,000 and up to and including 1,00,000 Rs.100
Above 1,00,000 Rs.200

* Charges are all inclusive of service tax,courier charges, out of pocket expenses, etc.

Speed Clearing:

Value (Rs) Service Charge*
Up to and including 1,00,000 Nil
Above 100,000 Rs.150

* Inclusive of Service Tax

17. Collection of inward/ outward bills
Up toRs.1000 Rs.25
Rs.1001-5000 Rs.50
Rs.5001-10000 Rs.70
Rs.10001-50000 Rs.80
Rs.50001 and above Rs.7/- per Rs.1000
18. Return/Dishonor of cheques/bills 1) Outstation Cheques -
SB : Rs 50 /-
CA/CC/OD : Rs 100 /-
2) Outstation bills- 50% of the collection charges (50% of serial No.17)
3) Local Cheques&ndash- Instrument received for payment, but returned to other Bank/Branch)
a) Return of Inward Instruments (Instrument received for payment, but returned to other Bank/Branch)
SB: Rs.150/-
All CA/CC/OD :Rs.200/-
Per cheque returned plus TOD ROI for cheque returns above Rs.1.00 lac,with a minimum amount of Rs.50.00 (Eg. if a cheque for Rs.1.50 lacs is returned, the charges would be Rs.250-/ and if the cheque is for Rs.2.50 lacs the charges would be Rs.275/- Lodged by customers for collection and returned to us by other branches/Bank)
b) Return of Outward Instruments (
SB : Rs.50/-
CA/CC/OD: Rs.100/-
19. Remittance by Demand Draft/Pay Order
Up toRs.1000 Rs.15
Rs.1001-5000 Rs.20
Rs.5001-10000 Rs.25
Rs.10001 and above Rs.2.25/- per Rs.1000
20. Issue of RBI / SBI cheque
Up toRs.1000 Rs.10
Rs.1001-5000 Rs.15
Rs.5001-10000 Rs.25
Rs.10001 and above Rs.35
21. Revalidation / Cancellation/ Issue of duplicate of DD/PO/RBI / SBI cheque Rs.50/- per instrument.
22. NEFT through net banking(already being charged)
RTGS through net banking (w.e.f.01.10.13)
Existing charges applicable for normal NEFT / RTGS transactions will be applicable for Net banking transactions also.
23. IRCTC Payments - using debit card Rs.10.00 per txn may be levied for the railway bookings in IRCTC through net banking / debit card
24. Locker Operations a) Five operations per month free of charge b) Rs. 50.00 per operation for more than five operations.
25. JDL Notice charges a) Out of pocket expenses of Rs. 10.00 per notice sent to the JDL account holders (for the notices sent for shortage of security value) b) The branches to collect the registered notice charges separately, in respect of accounts for which auction notice and other notices sent through Regd Post.


Cash Deposit Charges at Base branch No. of sections per day
(irrespective of denominations)
  Up to 10 Sections Nil
  Every additional section Rs.5.00/ Section
* Cash Deposit Charges at base branch is applicable for borrowal accounts also


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Clearing Instruments (Local clearing)

Account Type Amount Charges Limitations
All Types of A/C At Base Branch At Non Base Branch At par 50% of the prevailing MT Charges


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Account Type Amount Charges Limitations
For same A/c No Limit Free -
For Other A/c No Limit AT PAR -


Revised Charges with effect from July 1, 2019
Product Limitation Charges (Excluding GST)
Outward RTGS transactions
INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs
More than INR 5 lakh
Outward NEFT transactions
Upto INR 10,000
Above INR 10000 TO 1 Lakh
Above INR 1 Lakh to INR 2 Lakh
Above INR 2 Lakh
All Inward RTGS/NEFT


Value Band IMPS Charges
Outward Transactions (Exclusive of Service Tax) (with effect from 15-May-2016)
Up to Rs.10,000/- Rs.5/-
Above Rs.10,000/- to 1 Lakh
Above Rs.1 Lakh to Rs.2 Lakhs Rs.15/-
Above Rs.2 Lakhs NA


4.1 Cheques/DD drawn on bank

For others
For first 10 days - Rs.5/- per Rs.1000/-
Over and above 10 days - PLR + 2 %
+ out of pocket expenses

For first 10 days - Rs.6/- per Rs.1000/-
Over and above 10 days - PLR + 2% + agency commission + out of pocket expenses




Locker Service charges (per annum)

Sr.No Locker Type Revised Locker Type Category Locker Size (in Inches) (H*W*D) Rural Branches Semi Urban Branches Urban Branches Metro Branches
5.1 A S1 Small 5*6*21 Rs. 850 Rs.900 Rs.1200 Rs.1300
B S2 Small 6*7*21 Rs. 1000 Rs.1200 Rs.1500 Rs.1750
2A S4 Small 5*13*21 Rs. 1600 Rs.1800 Rs.2200 Rs.2500
D S3 Small 7*9*21 Rs. 1500 Rs.1700 Rs.2200 Rs.2500
2B M2 Medium 6*16*21 Rs. 2600 Rs.2800 Rs.3400 Rs.3600
4A M4 Medium 11*13*21 Rs. 3500 Rs.4000 Rs.4500 Rs.5000
2D M3 Medium 7*20*21 Rs. 3500 Rs.4000 Rs.4500 Rs.5000
4B L1 Large 12*16*21 Rs. 4500 Rs.5000 Rs.6000 Rs.6500
2B1 M1 Medium 13*7*21 Rs. 2500 Rs.2700 Rs.3200 Rs.3500
4D /L L3 Large 16*20*21 Rs. 5500 Rs.6500 Rs.7500 Rs.8500
4D1 L2 Large 15*20*21 Rs. 5000 Rs.5500 Rs.7000 Rs.8000

LVB International Debit Card

Particulars Amount (in Rs.)
Issuance Charges NIL
Annual Fee* 100.00
Duplicate card charge 200.00
Duplicate Pin Mailer 100.00
International withdrawal charges (cash) 100.00
International balance enquiry charges 25.00


In addition to the above charges, applicable service taxwill be collected. (*As a special case, at present first year annual fee is exempted)



ATM Withdrawal charges

Type of transactions Particulars Charges above the free limit
LVB customer using other banks ATM i) Three free transactions per month in other banks ATMs if located at six metros (Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata)*
ii) Five free transactions per month in other bank ATMs if located at other than the above Metro places. (These free (5) transactions can be availed by the customers by combining metro and non-metro centres, but with a maximum of 3 free transactions at metro centres.)
Rs.18/- per financial transaction & Rs.6/- per non-financial transaction (Both inclusive of service tax)
LVB customer using LVB ATM Unlimited free transactions. No Charges


*For product codes 304,305,310,325 & 327 number of free transaction in other bank metro ATMs: 5 per month.


ADVANCES & Forex Transactions


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Name of the Credit Information Agencies Name of the Bureau Name of the report Price per report ₹




Consumer Credit Information Report




Consumer Credit Information Report


(CIBIL TU Score)




Consumer Credit Information Report


(PL Score)




Consumer Credit Information Report


(COMBO Score)






Commercial Credit Information Report