FAQ on Online Password Reset

You cannot change the login User Id. However you can change your Login Password and Transaction Password anytime by using the “Change Password” Option inside the Internet Banking.

Online Password Reset is an option that allows you to reset your Login Password or Transaction PIN, when you forget the current one. For resetting the login password/Transaction PIN, you need to set the Secret Questions and Answers.

If you are a registered Internet Banking Customer, during the first time Login itself, system will ask you to set your security questions and answers. You need to choose 3 Different Set of Questions from the preset questions and provide a memorable answer to each of the questions.

Alternately, the questions can be set using the ‘Set/Change Secret Question and Answers’ under Customer Services Profile.

Note: Answers to Secret Questions are not case Sensitive; however the lengths of characters are limited to minimum of 3 and maximum of 20 Characters including spaces. The spaces before and after the answers will be truncated while storing the answers.

Please select the Forgot Password Link on your Login screen. System will ask you to enter answers for the secret question preset by you. Upon answering the questions correctly, you will be prompted for second factor authentication.

The Second Factor of authentication would be OTP for Retail Internet Banking user and Digital Signature Certificate for Corporate Internet Banking user..

You may Change your Security Questions by selecting the ‘Set/Change Secret Question and Answers’ under the “Customer Services” options, once you login into Internet Banking successfully.

You need to set up 3 questions and answers. You will have to remember these 3 answers which you have set whenever you need to reset password.

No, Corporate Internet Banking users cannot reset the Login Password/Transaction PIN online if they are not enrolled for Digital Signature Certificate based authentication.

In order to get benefitted from this Online Reset feature, it is recommended to set questions and answers which are memorable only by you. However If you have forgotten the Answers, you may have to submit a request application to branch where account is maintained. The application will be forwarded by the branch to the Internet Banking cell and on receipt of application and verification of the details; a new password will be generated and sent to your registered address in Banks record.

No, If your user-id locked, first unlock the user-id and then attempt to reset the Login Password.

After specified Consecutive unsuccessful attempts to login using incorrect password or entering incorrect answers for the questions during the reset attempt will lock the user id.
To unlock your user-id, please send a sms in following format to 9282441155 from your registered mobile number.


For Eg: LVB ULK 123456

If the user-id is unlocked successfully, then you will receive the following sms “User Successfully Unlocked”

On receipt of the message, user can login using the present user-id and password.

Yes, for Retail Internet Banking users, it is mandatory to have a registered Mobile Number and Email id, for Online Reset of Passwords. For Corporate Users, it is mandatory to have Digital Signature Certificate for resetting the PIN Online.

In Case, if you have not updated your Mobile number or Email Id, you may register by visiting your Home Branch

Click here to apply for a Digital Signature Certificate

For Security reasons, if you enter incorrect OTP continuously, then OTP alerts will be stopped. To resume the OTP services, submit a written request to your base branch for unlocking the OTP.