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Mobile Banking Security Tips and FAQs


Operating systems and versions supported


Android, IOS and Windows

Operating System Version
Android 4.0 & above
IOS 6.0 & above
Windows 8.0 & above

Features within Mobile Banking Application

App Available in Hindi, Tamil languages Balance Inquiry
Mini-Statement Transaction Inquiry (based on Date range)
Account Summary Fund Transfer – Own Accounts in LVB
Fund Transfer – Third Party Accounts in LVB Fund Transfer – NEFT
Fund Transfer – RTGS Fund Transfer – IMPS P2A (24 x 7)
Fund Transfer – IMPS P2P (24 x 7) Transaction Status Inquiry
Cheque Status Inquiry Cheque Book Request
Stop Cheque Request Demat Details - Statement of Accounts, Statement of Holding, Statement of Billing, Lastest Transactions
Mobile Recharge Details of Plans displayed under view plans in Recharge Module
DTH Recharge Favourite Account
Favourite Beneficiary Beneficiary Management
Provision to search Beneficiary Debit Card Blocking
Limit Management – NEFT /RTGS/ IMPS/ Funds transfer
with in LVB, Ecommerce, etc
Bill Payment (Insurance, Electricity, Gas & other
utility bill payments)
Biller Management Auto-bill pay
Request for Account Opening Change MPIN
Find ATM/ Branch IFSC Lookup
Refer a friend Feedback
Help in all pages  

Security Tips

The Latest Mobile banking App from LVB is safe and convenient as it is protected by various security measures including state-of-the-art encryption, firewalls and secure logins.


LVB MOBILE App is resilient to phishing (away for a third party to obtain your sensitive information by posing to you as LVB) since there is no browser involved in App, but there are additional mobile banking safety measures you can take to further protect yourself from Online Vulnerabilities. They are as follows:

  • Do not download random apps from Stores. Use only trusted apps - always download mobile apps from reputable sources.  Lakshmi Vilas Bank is listed as app publisher in all the major App Stores including Apple iStore, Google Playstore, and Windows Store. If you have suspicions about the authenticity of an LVB Mobile app, Contact Mobile Banking Helpdesk or your Nearest LVB Branch and report it immediately.
  • Log out and close your app when you are not using your phone.
  • Report a stolen Phone with your Mobile Service provider so the SIM or Mobile Number is blocked and cannot be misused.
  • Add mobile security software to your device, if possible and keep it updated with latest security features.
  • Password-protect your phone so others cannot access your information if it is lost or stolen.
  • Register for Balance alerts over SMS to track account activity whenever there is a change in Account Balance or any Transaction takes place.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi, if possible.
  • Avoid making your personal information readily accessible. Don't share your PIN, password or security questions, Internet Banking Credentials or Net Banking Credentials with anyone or save it on your phone.
  • Monitor your records and accounts on a regular basis.
  • Remember not to ever share personal information over an email / SMS or any other communication. Please be alert if anyone asks for it via an email/SMS/ Calling as banks will never ask for such information.
  • Clear your Mobile memory frequently by deleting text messages from Bank, especially before sharing, discarding, or selling your device.

In case if you feel that your App is compromised, please contact the Call Center for Blocking the Mobile Banking Access.

Frequently Asked Questions LVB-Mobile

LVB – Mobile is a new type of Channel banking solutions offered by Lakshmi Vilas Bank that provides banking solutions on your Mobile Device through an Application (App) with features like Funds Transfer, NEFT, Account Balance, Mobile Recharge, Bill and Utilities Payments, Cheque related services and much more.

Yes, all the transactions done on LVB- Mobile App are secured. The Messages or communication originating from your Mobile Phone are encrypted and travel to our Mobile Banking Server in a Secured Mode using the latest and highest level of encryption methodology.

LVB-Mobile Banking App is compatible with various types of handset on the following operating System.

  • Android version  4 and above*
  • Windows 8.0 and above*
  • iOS 6 and above*.
* The device should be compatible to download the app from respective application store and
install the same.

You should have an active Data Service enabled on your phone in order to download and use the LVB Mobile App.

Yes, LVB Mobile App is optimized to work flawlessly even in 2G speeds. However, you may experience slowness while downloading and using the app depending on the Network Signal strength. However you may face issues in accessing certain features like Find ATM/Branches which are resource intensive.

Yes, as long as you have Data (Internet) Service activated on your mobile number, subject to availability of the network, you can access LVB Mobile anywhere in the world.

LVB Mobile App is available totally free of cost. However, Data Access rates will be applicable as per your telecom service provider for using LVB- Mobile App.

Visit the url in bank’s website The page contains the link to download the application from respective app store.   The App can also be downloaded from the respective App stores.

LVB – Mobile App access is available only to all LVB Individual Customers having valid operative account with LVB. The customer should have a valid Debit card or Internet Banking access to start using LVB Mobile . 

LVB Mobile App helps its customers to conduct Banking transactions 24 X 7 at his / her convenience from any place just by using his Mobile Phone. It Allows users to  Login Using the MPIN or also using the Internet Banking credentials.

No, for security reasons you can use LVB Mobile in one device at once  only using MPIN. 

  • Should be an Individual customer of LVB with Savings, Current or OD account.
  • Should have a Valid Net Banking Account or Debit Card Details and PIN
  • Should have Registered Mobile Number

Once the app had been downloaded, you can start using the same by completing the Onboarding process in few simple steps.
Click here to view On Boarding Procedure.

If you do not have Internet Banking Credentials, you can onboard/register into the app using your Debit Card Details.

There are two methods through which you can Login or Register into LVB Mobile App.

  • Logging In using your Internet Banking Credentials.
  • Logging in Using your Debit Card Details.

In order to use the application, you need to understand and accept the terms and conditions. In case you don’t accept the same, you will not be able to use Lvb Mobile App. The Terms and conditions for LVB Mobile is available in the url\lvbmobile.aspx

MPIN is Mobile PIN, a 6 digits length PIN that can be used to Login into your LVB Mobile App.  MPIN should be set in such a way that it cannot be easily guessed by others and also easy for you to remember.

You can reset you M-PIN by clicking on the Forget MPIN option in the Login Page of LVB Mobile Application.  

If you have given your MPIN wrongly for more than 5 times, app will get locked and will not allow you to login into the APP. You will have to use the Forgot MPIN option and Onboard again and reset your MPIN.

Yes, you will be able to use the APP seamlessly on the same device with a different SIM but in any case if your require One Time Password to perform any transaction; then the same would sent to your registered mobile number only. If in case of re on boarding is required for some reasons then please ensure that SIM bearing mobile number registered with Bank is made available in the mobile device for validation. Please refer the On boarding process for more details.

You will have to download the app again from the respective App Store and complete the Onboarding Process again.

Even if you lose your Mobile Phone, your account details will be safe. To use this App, you need to install the App in new Mobile and onboard again.

If you login into LVB Mobile using your Netbanking Credentials, then OTP is mandatory for all transactions. The OTP will be sent only to the mobile number registered with the bank and would be valid for 10 minutes.

The types of Funds Transfer are as follows:

Transfer of funds between Customer’s Own Accounts.

Transfer of Funds to different accounts within LVB.

  • Fund Transfer – Own Accounts
  • Fund Transfer – Third Party Accounts
  • Fund Transfer – NEFT Transfer of Funds to Accounts in other banks through NEFT
  • RTGS :  Inter Bank fund transfer facilitated through RTGS
  • IMPS P2A  (Using the  Account Number and IFSC code of the Beneficiary)
  • IMPS P2P  (Using the Mobile Number and MMID of the beneficiary)

IMPS or Interbank Mobile Payment Service is an inter-bank electronic funds transfer service through mobile phones. IMPS facilitate customers to use mobile instruments as a channel for doing funds transfer using MMID linked to the accounts. IMPS transactions can be sent and received at any time and any day. There are no timing or holiday restrictions on IMPS remittances.  For more information about IMPS, please visit our IMPS FAQ Page.

Beneficiaries added on the existing Inet banking channel will be visible on the mobile banking App and vice versa. Also, you can add a new Payee by using the Option “Add Payee” in the LVB Mobile.

Type of Transaction

Per Day Limit

Own Account Transfer


Third Party Account Transfer






Recharge and Bill Pay

10,000 for Recharge and  90,000 for Bill Pay

IMPS-P2P, Quick Pay




The Limits of Mobile Banking are same as ones in the Internet Banking; however you can set the Minimum and Maximum Limit for each transaction within the Maximum Cap set by the bank by default. We request you to please refer the Internet Banking FAQ for more details.

Yes, you can modify the daily transactional limit on the app. To modify the limit, go to Home - Settings and click on Set Limits. You can choose from different Transaction Type options and set required value. However you can only set within the maximum permissible amount or transaction count permitted by the Bank against each and every transaction type.

The intra bank fund transfers (LVB to LVB), take place immediately. Inter- Bank fund transfer (LVB to any other bank), will follow existing windows as permitted by RBI from Time to Time.  , However, the interbank fund transfers routed through the IMPS (Mobile to Mobile Money Transfer) option will be accepted for processing 24 x7 and the Funds transfer takes place immediately.

During such time, you will be automatically logged out from the App. You can re-open the App, check for the status of the transaction in “TRANSACTION STATUS” option after which you can decide to re initiate the transaction. In case if you face any problem in transactions, kindly contact our Mobile Banking Helpdesk or contact your Branch immediately.

Currently you can stop the payment of one unpaid check at a time.  Please note that service charges are applicable.  Once the stop Cheque request is initiated successfully, re-confirm the status of your Cheque for which stop payment instruction has been initiated using the Cheque status inquiry option.

You can pay all your bills like Electricity, Gas, Insurance, DTH, Data card, Telephone Bills, etc.

List of Billers to whom payment can be made will be displayed. Payment can be made by selecting the required biller and filling up the required details and completing the transactions.

No, at present you cannot pay the bill for Future Date. Payment for bills can be made for present date only.

LVB has no restrictions for the amount you pay against the bill value. You can make a payment either in full or in part depending upon whether the concerned biller provides you with that facility.

Recharge is a utility provided by LVB for making Mobile Top Ups. You can recharge your prepaid Mobile Phone, Data Card by using this facility.

No Separate Registration is required for Top-up through LVB- Mobile App. You can top up any mobile number by selecting the correct operator and circle and selecting the listed plans.

At Present the Minimum Amount is Rs.1 and   Maximum amount limit is fixed to Rs.  10,000 per day for Recharges.

Once the top up is completed, you will receive a confirmation message from the operator. In case of non-receipt of confirmation message, please check the talktime limit of the mobile phone that you have topped up.If the transaction had failed, the amount will be refunded within two working days.

Application automatically closes the session if there is no response from the User or server. Hence, if the phone hangs, kindly close the app, and re login to do the transactions.

Currently the service is available English, Hindi & Tamil.

Yes, if the Notification is popped up by the respective genuine App Store, then you can update the App to the next version. Any update to the current version will have new added features and bug fixes done.

Inbox is a feature of App through which bank will send notifications to the customers regarding New product Launches, Offers and other notifications from time to time.

This service will help you to search for Lakshmi Vilas Bank Branches and ATMs through the Map service available only your phone.

You can log out of the application by choosing ‘Log out’ from the Home Button Dropdown menu or by pressing Back Button from the Home Page

Please note the following:

  • Keep sufficient free space on your phone always for using the app smoothly.
  • Ensure you are connected to good speed Internet for faster experience.
  • Please clear the Cache Memory of your phone always
  • Please memorize your User ID and do not store the information in written form anywhere.
  • Please don't disclose your User ID, MPIN, Internet Banking Credentials, OTP or Card Details to anyone.
  • Please change your Passwords at regular intervals.
  • Please don't use obvious passwords (like name, date of birth, etc.)
  • Please do not onboard LVB Mobile onto other devices.

You can write mail to for any issues related to LVB Mobile App. Also you can contact your Branch for registering a complaint about the issue you have faced while using LVB Mobile App

To terminate this service, you need to give a request letter to your branch for deregistration and then delete the application from the mobile phone.

The following steps can be checked in your handset if you are not able to download.

  • Whether your phone is connected to Internet (Active Data Service)
  • Whether your Phone is compatible to download the version of App.
  • Whether your Phone is having enough Space / Memory to download app
  • App Download Server is busy at the moment
  • Disruptive or flapping Internet Connection
  • Cache Memory full or not cleared in phone
  • Application manager is disabled
  • Google Play Service is disabled ( For Android Phones)
  • Phone’s Data Usage Limit is set and the limit has reached.

If you are logging in into App using Internet Banking Credentials and not through MPIN, then For Security Reasons, system will allow you to login either Mobile Banking (Using Internet Banking Credentials) or Internet Banking and cannot use both at a time. Hence the system reverts an error as “User Already Logged In”.

Invalid MPIN indicates that the entered MPIN is wrong. Kindly try again with correct MPIN or use Forgot MPIN to reset your MPIN.

Whenever a new version of the LVB Mobile App is released, you will receive a notification about the available Update from your respective app store.

It indicates that Internet Banking Facility has been locked for the user Id as the Password is entered wrongly for more than prescribed time. To Unlock the User id, Send SMS as “LVB< ONE SPACE >ULK<ONE SPACE>< Customer_ID >” to 9282441155 to unlock your Internet Banking Credentials. Please refer Internet banking FAQ for more details.

No, Recharge facility will be available only for Indian Mobile Numbers.

LVB Mobile On Boarding Procedure

To use the LVB Mobile Banking App, the user need to onboard first. The On boarding procedure is designed in such a way to ensure that registered & valid customer of the Bank uses it in compliance with available security standards.

Onboard using the Net banking option

  • Install the Mobile Banking Application from the play store
  • Open the LVB Mobile Banking App
  • It will prompt the user to select the language of his choice. (The user also has the option to change the language at any point of time after login).


  • Now the user has to provide the mobile number registered in the Bank followed by the customer Id.

  • The user must need to the know the following as part of secured on boarding process which will be one time:
    • LVB Mobile app will send SMS to validate your mobile number registered with the Bank.
    • If you are using Android dual SIM phone with version below 6.0, please use SIM slot 1 to insert the SIM bearing the mobile number registered with Bank.
    • If you are using Apple IOS or Windows phone, then please ensure that SMS is being sent through SIM bearing the mobile number registered with Bank.
    • Standard SMS charges apply based on the service provider or operator.
    • Please keep your Mobile Data / Internet connection ON.


  • Whenever, mobile device is factory reset or the app data was cleared manually or the app data gets cleared through other utility apps or in the case of reinstallation, then the process as mentioned in this point no. 4 & 5 is applicable.
  • On successful verification of customer’s mobile number registered with the Bank, the user can set the MPIN either through Net Banking or Debit Card option. 

  • Click on the NET BANKING button to onboard using the Net Banking option.
  • Enter the Net Banking banking password.

  • Click on the Next Button, if the credentials are correct, an OTP will be sent to the customers Mobile Number registered with the Branch. (For Android devices, the facility of auto reading of OTP is available. In case of Apple IOS & Windows devices, the user need to key in the OTP)

  • After the OTP verification is successful, the user will be shown the option to set MPIN.
  • Once the MPIN is set, user can login into Mobile Banking App using MPIN set by the user

  • Procedure to Onboard using Debit Card:
    • Click on the Debit Card option as shown in the screen shot under serial no. 6
    • Choose the Account number from among the account numbers shown in masked format.
    • The card linked to the account number will be shown in masked format.
    • Enter the Debit card PIN to confirm the transaction.
    • Once the Debit Card PIN is successfully validated, LVB Mobile App will prompt to enter a one-time password sent to the registered mobile number of the user.
    • On successful completion of the OTP authentication, LVB Mobile App will prompt to enter the MPIN
  • Other way of login:
    • In addition to MPIN login, the user or customer has the option to login LVB Mobile App by way of using the link “Login with Internet Banking” and providing Internet Banking credentials.

Terms and conditions


In this document the following words and phrases have the meaning set below unless the context indicates otherwise:

"Account(s)" shall mean bank account and /or any other type of account so maintained by the Customer with The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd or any of its Affiliate for which the Facility is being offered or may be offered in future (each an "Account" and collectively "Accounts").

"Customer" shall mean a customer of the Bank or any person who has applied for any product/ service of the Bank.

The "Bank" shall mean The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd, a Banking company constituted under Registrar of Companies Act, 1913 having its registered office at Lakshmi Vilas Bank, Administrative Office, Kathaparai, Salem Main Road, Karur, Tamil Nadu and Corporate office at LVB HOUSE - No.4 (Old No.33), Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, Chennai – 600 032"Facility or LVB Mobile" shall mean mobile banking facility provided by the Bank, which enables the customers to access specified banking services including information relating to their Account(s), transaction details and such other services as may be made available by the Bank from time to time through their mobile phone

"Mobile Phone Number" shall mean the last updated mobile number of the Customer in the records of the Bank and used by the customer to register for the Facility.

"Personal Information" shall mean the information about the Customer (including the information in relation to or pertaining to the account obtained in connection with the Facility.

"Website"refers,or any other website as may be notified by The Bank from time to time.

"MPIN" shall mean the Personal Identification Number (Password) for the Mobile Banking Service.

"Alert(s)" means the customized messages sent to the Customer over his mobile phone as short messaging service ("SMS") in response to the Triggers sent by the Customer.

"Triggers" means the customized triggers that are required to be set by the Customer with The Bank which shall enable The Bank to send the Alerts relating to his Account.

"Alert/Push Facility" shall mean the service provided by The Bank wherein a Customer can obtain specific information pertaining to his Account on his Mobile Phone number.

"Request/Pull Facility"; shall mean facility through which Customers will be able to make requests about their Accounts by sending "key words" through SMS/ Encrypted SMS, GPRS, USSD, etc. to Mobile Phone Number provided by The Bank for the purpose.

"GPRS" shall mean the General Packet Radio Service.

"Mobile Banking application “shall mean the mobile banking application which can be installed on the mobile phone handset to access information pertaining to the Account(s), by keying in digits representing the relevant menu options.

User”- shall mean a customer of the Bank who had applied for any product/service of the bank and who is authorized to use the mobile banking service.

"M Commerce facility" – Facility for making payment or purchases on internet/ Utility payment through LVB Mobile facility

In this document all reference to Customer in masculine gender shall be deemed to include the feminine gender.



 These terms and conditions form the contract between the Customer and The Bank, and shall be further subject to such terms as The Bank may agree with the other service providers. These terms and conditions shall be in addition to and not in derogation of the terms and conditions governing the sms banking facility, LVB iNet (Internet Banking facility of Bank), ATM/ Debit Card Facility and those relating to any Account of the Customer and /or any other product/services provided by The Bank and its Affiliates. By applying for and allowing Authorized Users access to the Facility, for the first time (and every time thereafter), the Client acknowledges and accepts (and reaffirms his acknowledgment and acceptance of) these terms and conditions, to the fullest extent possible. The customer must read these terms and conditions carefully before using the service. No customer is entitled to use the mobile banking facility without understanding and agreeing to the terms and conditions. By accepting to the terms and conditions the customer shall be deemed to have consented to use of mobile banking facility launched by Lakshmi Vilas Bank and will also be deemed to have accepted and will be bound by these terms and conditions, as amended or modified from time to time.



 "The Customer shall apply to the Bank for availing the Facility (and/or for any changes to the options availing under the Facility) in the specified application form and/or by any other method as provided by the Bank from time to time for use of the facility. The Bank may provide an option to the Customers who are sole account holders to apply for the Facility through the LVB Mobile Application by authentication with LVB iNet/ATM card credentials. Application for the Facility shall be accepted only after authentication of the Customer through any mode of verification as may be decided at the discretion of the Bank.


Intellectual PROPERTY

  • “LVB Mobile” is a trademark of the The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd company and all rights in and to LVB Mobile vest in The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. The Customer cannot use or reproduce the LVB Logo, Trademark , Brand Name. Copyright in the pages, screens, information and all materials in their arrangements, included in the App is solely owned by or licensed to the Bank unless otherwise noted

  • The Customer may not use the App for any purpose other than what it is meant for , and which is unlawful, abusive, libellous, obscene or threatening.

  • Apple, Google, Microsoft, or any other Mobile telephone network service provider and any intermediary making the App available for download will not have any responsibilities or obligations to the Customer in relation to the App.

  • Bank is solely responsible for any claims receivable from the Customer relating to the App or its possession or use product liability claims, compliance with legal or regulatory requirements and consumer protection claims


  • All customers having satisfactory running Savings/ Current account can avail of this service.

  • The Customer desirous of using the Facility should be either a sole Account holder or authorised to act independently.

  • The facility will be available in case of joint accounts, only if the mode of operation is indicated as ‘either or survivor' or ‘anyone or survivor'. By activating the application through Net banking credentials or Debit Card, the customers accepts that the mandate issued by them for operating through Net Banking or Debit card applies for Mobile Banking as well. In case of any of the joint account holder(s) gives "stop payment" instructions or such other instructions in respect of operations through the use of the facility in writing, with a view to curtail, regulate, restrict, suspend or stop the operations by the other account holders through the use of facility on any of the accounts held jointly by them, the facility would be discontinued and restoration of the facility would be considered at the sole discretion of the Bank, only on the joint request of all account holders in writing. All or any transactions arising from the use of the Facility in the joint account shall be binding on all the joint account holders, jointly and severally.

  • An Account in the name of the Minor or an account in which one of the joint account holders is a minor or an account where the mode of operation is joint, shall not be eligible for the Facility" 


  • The last updated mobile number in the records of The Bank would be the registered Mobile number for the facility. The Customer agrees to use the facility on a Mobile Phone properly and validly registered in his/ her name only with the Mobile Service provider and undertakes to use the Facility only through Mobile number which has been used to register for the Facility.

  • Customer can either use MPIN or Internet Banking credentials for Logging into the Application.

  • The customer shall be required to acquaint himself with the process for using the Mobile banking facility and that he shall be responsible for any error made while using the facility.

  • The customer will be responsible for all transactions, including unauthorized / erroneous / wrong / incorrect / mistaken / false transactions made through the use of his mobile phone , SIM card and MPIN , regardless of whether such transactions are in fact entered into or authorized by him. The customer will be responsible for the loss/damage, if any suffered in respect of all such transactions.

  • The customer shall take all possible steps to ensure that the Application and his mobile phone are not shared with anyone and shall take immediate action to de-register from the facility as per laid down procedure in case of misuse / theft / loss of the mobile phone or SIM card.

  • Customer irrevocably authorizes the Bank to debit the Accounts which have been enabled for Mobile Banking for all transactions/ services undertaken by using MPIN.

  • Customer can use this facility only on One Mobile Handset at a time for One Mobile Banking account.

  • Any Change in Handset or in case of Uninstalling or Reinstalling the App, Customer should complete the registration process again to generate MPIN.

  • All accounts linked to a same Customer ID can be registered for the Facility.

  • The Bank reserves the right to Block the customer access to the Facility without assigning any reasons.

  • Entering the wrong credentials thrice will deactivate the customer and the customer should re-register for the facility as per the procedure laid down for the same.

  • The Customer is responsible for intimating to The Bank any change in his Mobile Phone Number or email address or Account details in writing and The Bank will not be liable for sending Alerts or other information over the Customer's mobile phone number/email address /fax number recorded with The Bank.

  • The customer understands and accepts that any other condition that is a pre-requisite to access the Facility, including, but not limited to a Mobile Device, Data Connection, etc. will be the sole responsibility of the customer.

  • Bank reserves the right to Disable / withdraw the Mobile banking facility to the Customer if the service is not used for more than 6 Months or any other period as decided by Bank from time to time.

  • Bank reserves the right to decide what services may be offered. Additions/ deletions to the services offered under the facility are at its sole discretion.


Any Information that the App collects may be stored locally on Customer’s Device or may be transmitted to Bank’s Servers in its Data Centres in India and any other places where its affiliates or any of their service providers operate. The transmission of information over wireless and wired networks is not inherently secure. Hence Bank may use many tools to help protect Customer’s Personal Information against unauthorized access and disclosure. However, Bank do not guarantee that Customer’s personal information or private communications will always remain private when using the App.

Bank will suspend or block the users from accessing the facility, if the Banks has reason to believe that the application being used by the customer is in jail broken/ compromised, or the device from which the application is being accessed doesn’t meet the security requirements as deem fit by the Bank.

Links To Other Web Sites

Facility may contain links to third party web sites or services that are not owned but used by the Bank for its services. Bank has no control over, and assumes no responsibility for, the content, privacy policies, or practices of any third party web sites or services. Customer further acknowledges and agrees that the Bank shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such web sites or services. We strongly advise you to read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of any third party web sites or services that you visit. 




All instructions under the Facility shall be provided in the manner indicated by The Bank. Where The Bank considers the instructions to be inconsistent or contradictory it may seek clarification from the Customer before acting on any instruction of the Customer or act upon any such instruction as it may deem fit. The Bank shall have the right to suspend the services under the Facility if The Bank has reason to believe that the Customer's instructions may lead to direct or indirect loss or may require an indemnity from the Customer before continuing to operate the Facility. The Customer accepts that all information /instructions will be transmitted to and /or stored at various locations and be accessed by personnel of The Bank (and its Affiliates). The Bank is authorised to provide any information or details relating to the Customer to third party to facilitate the providing of the Facility and so far as is necessary to give effect to any instructions. The Customer accepts that each Alert may contain certain Account information relating to the Customer. The Customer authorizes The Bank to send Account related information, though not specifically requested, if The Bank deems that the same is relevant. The Bank shall not be held responsible for the confidentiality, secrecy and security of the Personal or Account information being sent through the Facility.



The Bank shall specify from time to time the upper limit that may be transferred by the Customer for the above mentioned Facility through the Bank's Website. If the above mentioned Facility is made available to the Customer, it may be used for transfer of funds from Account/s to other accounts belonging to third parties maintained at The Bank and/or at any other Bank which falls under the network of Reserve Bank of India's Electronic Fund Transfer or National Electronic Fund Transfer system or Real Time Gross Settlement. In such an event, the terms applicable to such facilities, in addition to this facility, shall be applicable. The liability of The Bank shall only commence subsequent to the debit in the Customer's account.
The upper limits for the Financial transactions will be set by the Banks at its sole discretion duly considering the risk and the RBI guidelines in place. Bank may set different limits for different types of transactions. Customer can set his own limits for the transaction, subject to the upper ceiling being fixed by the Bank for a particular customer or in general as the case is from time to time. Customer shall be solely responsible for the limits set by the customer.

Bank will not allow any transaction other than in INR



The Bank may introduce Bill payment facility/ M-commerce facility through the Mobile Banking Facility, which the Customer can avail after registering for the same. The bank shall not be liable for any disconnection or disruption in the supply of services or purchase of goods to the Customer from the Payee Service Provider/ Seller. The customer is required to contact the Service provider/ Seller if he experiences any such disconnection/ disruption in the service provided/ any complaint regarding the purchase made. The Bank may at any time, at its sole discretion, vary the list of approved merchant establishments/ Payee Service providers from the list without providing any reason and shall not be liable for any loss or damage which the customer may suffer as a result.

In case of any standing instruction enabled by the customers for Bill Payment, Bank will execute the standing instruction based on the information given by the customer as is and Bank shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused to the customer for having executed the standing instruction. Incase if the customer wants to cancel the standing instructions, the customer shall cancel the standing instruction at least 7 days before the due date of the execution of Standing Instruction. Bank shall not be responsible and liable for any loss caused to the customer on account of cancellation of the standing instruction or for execution of the instruction, if the cancellation of the standing instruction is not initiated at least 7 days before the due date of the execution of the standing instructions.

Bill Payment made through facility takes 3 working days to get processed. The customer should ensure that payment is made at least 3 working days before the due date else, the payment might be rejected by the biller. Bank bears no responsibility in such cases of late payment or late payment fees levied by the biller



The Customer undertakes to provide accurate information wherever required and shall be responsible for the correctness of information provided by him to the Bank at all times including for the purposes of availing of the Facility. The Bank shall not be liable for consequences arising out of erroneous information supplied by the Customer. If the Customer suspects that there is an error in the information supplied by Bank to him, he shall advise The Bank as soon as possible. The Bank will endeavor to correct the error wherever possible on a best effort basis.

While The Bank will take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied to the Customer, The Bank shall not be liable for any inadvertent error, which results in the providing of inaccurate information. The Customer shall hold The Bank harmless against any loss, damages etc. that may incurred / suffered by the Customer if the information supplied to the Customer turns out be inaccurate / incorrect.



 The Customer irrevocably and unconditionally authorizes The Bank to access all his Accounts for effective banking or other transactions of the Customer through the Facility. The Customer further authorizes The Bank to share the Account information with Third Party for the purpose of accepting/ executing request of the Customers. The Customer agrees that The Bank and / or its Affiliates may hold and process his personal information concerning his Accounts on computer or otherwise in connection with the Facility as well as for analysis, credit scoring and marketing. The Customer also agrees The Bank may disclose, in strict confidence, to other institutions, such information as may be reasonably necessary for reasons inclusive of but not limited to the participation in any telecommunication or electronic clearing network, in compliance with legal directive, for credit rating by recognized credit scoring agencies, and for fraud prevention.

The user expressly authorizes the Bank to carry out all request(s) or transaction(s) for and/or at the request of the user as are available to the user through mobile Banking Facilities without the Bank having to verify the authenticity of any request or transaction purporting to have been received from the user through Mobile Banking.

The Customer authorizes Bank and its agents to send any message or make calls to his mobile phone to inform him about any promotional offers including information regarding banks' new products either now available or which the Bank may come up with in the future, greetings or any other message that the Bank may consider appropriate to the user.

The User irrevocably and unconditionally agrees that such calls or messages made by the Bank and or its agents shall not be construed as a breach of the privacy of the user and shall not be proceeded against accordingly.

The authority to record the transaction details is hereby expressly granted by the User to Bank. All records of Bank generated by the transaction arising out of use of the Facility, including the time of the transaction recorded shall be conclusive proof of the genuineness and accuracy of the transactions.
The user accepts that for the purposes of the said facility any transaction emanating from the given mobile phone and the mobile number shall be assumed to have initiated by the user.

The user shall request the Bank in writing to suspend the said facility or change mobile number, if his mobile phone has been lost or has been allotted to some other person. Also he shall be obliged to inform the Bank in writing about any change in the mobile number -or any unauthorized transaction in his account of which he has knowledge.

It shall be the responsibility of the user to update him with regard to any information relating to the services as the Bank may decide to provider certain other additional services under the said facility.

The Bank shall endeavor to provide to the Customer through the Facility, such services as The Bank may decide from time to time. The Bank reserves the right to decide what services may be offered to a Customer on each Account and such offers may differ from Customer to Customer. The Bank may also make additions / deletions to the services offered through the Facility at its sole discretion.

The Bank shall have the option to introduce any new facilities through this service at any time in future and the user shall be deemed to have expressly authorized the Bank to make payment of the same when a request is received from him.

The Facility is made available to the Customer at his request, at the sole discretion of The Bank and may be discontinued by The Bank at any time, without notice.
The Bank shall have the discretion to offer the Facility to Non Resident Indians subject to applicable laws.

The instructions of the Customer shall be effected only after authentication of the Customer by means of verification of the Mobile Phone Number and/or through verification of MPIN/ password allotted by The Bank to the Customer or through any other mode of verification as may be stipulated at the discretion of The Bank.



The Bank shall have the discretion to charge fees as it may deem fit from time to time and may at its sole discretion, revise the fees for use of any or all of the Facility, by notice to the Customer. The Customer may at any time discontinue or unsubscribe to the said Facility. The Customer shall be liable for payment of such airtime or other charges which may be levied by any cellular service provider in connection with availing of the Facility and The Bank is in no way concerned with the same. The charges payable by the Customer is exclusive of the amount payable to any cellular service provider and would be debited from the account of the Customer on a monthly basis. The Customer shall be required to refer to the schedule of fees put up on the Website from time to time. The display of such fees put up on the website would serve as sufficient notice and the same is binding on the customer.



  • The Bank and its group companies shall have the paramount right of set-off and lien, irrespective of any other lien or charge, present as well as future on the deposits of any kind and nature (including fixed deposits) held/ balances lying in any other Account/s of the Customer maintained with the Bank and / or Affiliates, whether in single name or joint name(s) and on any monies, securities , bonds and all other assets, documents and properties held by/ under the control of the Bank and/or Affiliates (whether by way of security or otherwise pursuant to any contract entered/ to be entered into by the Customer in any capacity) towards the satisfaction of the Customer's liability under the Facility. The
  • Bank and/ or Affiliates are entitled without any notice to the Customer, to settle any indebtedness whatsoever owed by the Customer to the Bank and/or Affiliates, (whether actual or contingent, or whether primary or collateral, or whether joint and/or several) hereunder or under any other document/ agreement, by adjusting, setting-off any deposit(s) and/or transferring monies lying to the balance of any Account/s held by the Customer with the Bank and/or Affiliates notwithstanding that the deposit(s)/ balances lying in such Account/s may not be expressed in the same currency as such indebtedness. The Bank's and its Affiliates' rights hereunder shall not be affected by the Customer's bankruptcy, death or winding-up. It shall be the Customer's sole responsibility and liability to settle all disputes/ objections with any such joint account holders.
  • In addition to the above mentioned right or any other right which the Bank and its Affiliates may at any time be entitled whether by operation of law, contract or otherwise, the Bank is authorized / will be entitled: (a) to combine or consolidate at any time all or any of the Accounts and liabilities of the Customer with or to any branch of the Bank and/or its Affiliates; (b) to sell or otherwise dispose off any of the Customers' securities or properties held by the Bank by way of public or private sale or otherwise without having to institute any judicial proceeding whatsoever and retain/appropriate from the proceeds derived there from the total amounts outstanding to the Bank and/or to the Affiliates from the Customer, including costs and expenses in connection with such sale or disposal; and


The Bank has the absolute discretion to amend or supplement any of the terms and conditions at any time and will endeavor to give prior notice of 15 days by email, SMS or by displaying on the Website depending upon the discretion of The Bank, whichever feasible, and such amended terms and conditions will thereupon apply to and be binding on the Customer. The display of such amendment or supplement of any of the terms and conditions at any time put up on the website would serve as sufficient notice and the same is binding on the customer.



The Customer may request for termination of the Facility any time by giving a written notice of at least 15 days to The Bank. The Customer will remain responsible for any transactions made through his Mobile Phone Number through the Facility prior to the time of such cancellation of Facility. Customer shall remain accountable for all the transaction made prior to any such termination.

The Bank may, at its discretion, withdraw temporarily or terminate the Facility, either wholly or in part, at any time without giving prior notice to the Customer. The Bank may, without prior notice, suspend the Facility at any time during which any maintenance work or repair is required to be carried out or in case of any emergency or for security reasons, which require the suspension of the Facility. The Bank shall endeavor to give a reasonable notice for withdrawal or termination of the Facility.

The closure of all Accounts of the Customer will automatically terminate the Facility. The Bank may suspend or terminate Facility without prior notice if the Customer has breached these terms and conditions or if the Bank notices some errors /omissions/ fraudulent transactions related to Customer’s account or Customer id or the Bank learns of the death, bankruptcy or lack of legal capacity of the Customer.



The Bank and the Customer may give notice under these terms and conditions electronically to the mailbox of the Customer (which will be regarded as being in writing) or in writing by delivering them by hand or by sending them by post to the last address given by the Customer and in case to The Bank at its office at The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd. Corporate Office, LVB HOUSE - No.4 (Old No.33), Sardar Patel Road, Guindy, Chennai – 600 032. In addition, The Bank shall also provide notice of general nature regarding the facility and terms and conditions, which are applicable to all customers of the Facility, on its Website and/ or also by means the customized messages sent to the Customer over his mobile phone as short messaging service ("SMS"). Such notice will be deemed to have been served individually to each Customer.


All records of The Bank generated by the transactions arising out of use of the Facility, including the time of the transaction recorded shall be conclusive proof of the genuineness and accuracy of the transactions. The authority to record the transaction details is hereby expressly granted by the Customer to The Bank.


The Bank shall not be responsible for any failure on the part of the Customer to utilize the Facility due to the Customer not being within the geographical range within which the Facility is offered;

Under no circumstance, the Bank shall be held liable if the facility is not available for reasons including but not limited to natural calamities, legal restraints, system error, faults in the telecommunication network or network failure, or any other reason beyond the control of The Bank. Bank is herein absolved of any kind of liability arising due to a loss,direct or indirect incurred by the user or any other person due to any lapse in the facility owing to the above-mentioned reasons.

The Bank may, at its sole discretion, utilize the services of external service provider/s or agent/s and on such terms as required or necessary, in relation to its products/services.

If the Customer has reason to believe that his mobile phone number is / has been allotted to another person and / or there has been an unauthorized transaction in his account and / or his mobile phone is lost, he shall immediately inform The Bank under acknowledgment about the same.

The Customer agrees that The Bank shall not be liable

  • If the Customer has breached any of the terms and conditions herein or
  • If the Customer has contributed to or the loss is a result of failure on part of the Customer to advise the Bank within a reasonable time about unauthorized access of or erroneous transactions in the Account.
  • For failure on part of the Customer to advise the Bank of a change in or termination of the Customer's Mobile Phone numbers.
  • For any error or omission in the services provided by any cellular or any third party service provider (whether appointed by The Bank in that behalf or otherwise) to the Customer, which may affect the Facility.

The Bank does not warrant the confidentiality or security of the messages whether personal or otherwise transmitted through the Facility. The Bank makes no warranty or representation of any kind in relation to the system and the network or their function or performance or for any loss or damage whenever and howsoever suffered or incurred by the Customer or by any person resulting from or in connection with the Facility.

Without limitation to the other provisions of this terms and conditions, The Bank, its employees, agent or contractors, shall not be liable for and in respect of any loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequential, including but not limited to loss of revenue, profit, business, contracts, anticipated savings or goodwill, loss of use or value of any equipment including software, whether foreseeable or not, suffered by the Customer or any person howsoever arising from or relating to any delay, interruption, suspension, resolution or error of The Bank in receiving and processing the request and in formulating and returning responses or any failure, delay, interruption, suspension, restriction, or error in transmission of any information or message to and from the telecommunication equipment of the Customer and the network of any cellular service provider and the Bank's system or any breakdown, interruption, suspension or failure of the telecommunication equipment of the Customer, the Bank's system or the network of any cellular service provider and/or any third party who provides such services as is necessary to provide the Facility.

Notwithstanding anything in the contrary provided in this terms and conditions, the Bank shall not be involved in or in any way liable to the Customer for any dispute between the Customer and a cellular services provider or any third party service provider (whether appointed by the Bank in that behalf or otherwise). The Customer shall not interfere with or misuse in any manner whatsoever the Facility and in the event of any damage due to improper or fraudulent use by the Customer, the Customer shall be liable for damages to the Bank.

Bank is not responsible for any delay in delivery of One Time Passwords or the alerts to the customers, for whatsoever reason, as it is beyond the control of the Bank.
The Customer is solely responsible for protecting his Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number (MPIN) mobile phone number and any password given by The Bank for the use of the Facility. The Bank will not be liable for:

  • Any unauthorized use of the Customer's MPIN, mobile phone or for any fraudulent, duplicate or erroneous instructions given by use of the Customer's MPIN or mobile phone number.
  • Acting in good faith on any instructions received by The Bank;
  • Error, default, delay or inability of The Bank to act on all or any of the instructions.
  • Loss of any information/instructions in transmission.
  • Unauthorized access by any other person to any information /instructions given by the Customer or breach of confidentiality
  • Any unauthorized transaction in the Account as a result of any other issue/default/error/technological problem in the telecommunication instrument (such as the mobile handset) or duplication of mobile number / SIM of the Customer such as but not limited to SIM card cloning, virus in handset etc.

The Bank may provide any other services as a part of the Facility and the Bank shall not be liable for the oversight on part of the Customer to update himself with the addition of services which have been included in the Facility and specific services for each product as may be provided on the website of The Bank and as will be available with the authorized call centres of Bank.

 Bill Payment made through facility takes 3 working days to get processed. The customer should ensure that payment is made at least 3 working days before the due date else, the payment might be rejected by the biller. Bank bears no responsibility in such cases of late payment or late payment fees levied by the biller


 In consideration of The Bank providing the Facility, the Customer agree to indemnify and keep safe, harmless and indemnified The Bank from and against all actions, claims, demands, proceedings, loss, damages, costs, charges and expenses whatsoever The Bank may incur, sustain, suffer or be put to at any time as a consequence of acting on or omitting or refusing to act on any instructions given by use of the Facility. 

The Customer holds The Bank/ its Affiliates, harmless against any loss incurred by the Customer due to failure to provide the services offered under the Facility or any delay in providing the services due to any failure or discrepancy in the network of the cellular service provider.

The Customer agrees to indemnify and hold The Bank harmless for any losses occurring as a result of

  • The Customer permitting any third parties to use the Facility.
  • The Customer permitting any other person to have access to his mobile phone or as a consequence of leaving the mobile phone unattended or loss of mobile phone.
  • The Bank does not take any responsibility or claims from the Customer, if the Customer has downloaded the App from any other sources apart from those sources what Bank has authorised for. Any Damage / Loss incurred by the Customer due to the Duplicate/ Un Authorised/ Third Party App downloaded from unknown resources.

No Warranty


Without prejudice to anything contained in these terms and conditions, Lakshmi Vilas Bank makes no express or implied warranty with respect to the mobile Banking facility .


Force Majeure


Bank reserves its right to defer the mobile banking facility if bank is prevented from, or delayed in, carrying on the mobile baking facility by acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond their reasonable control, failure of a utility service, act of god, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, fire, flood, storm or by force majeure.




These terms and conditions and/or the operations in the accounts of the Customer maintained by the BANK and/or the use of the services provided through the facility shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Chennai and shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of India and no other nation.


The BANK accepts no liability whatsoever, direct or indirect, for noncompliance with the laws of any country other than the Republic of India. The mere fact that the Facility can be accessed by a Customer in a country other than India shall not be interpreted to imply that the laws of the said country govern these terms and conditions and/or the operations in the Facility accounts of the USER and/or the use of the facility.

Privacy Policy

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Mobile Banking App Privacy Policy

This Mobile Banking Privacy Policy (“Policy”) describes the types of Information The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd (“Bank”) collects through the “LVB Mobile” Mobile Banking Application (“App”), and what Bank do with that information. This Policy applies solely to the App and does not apply to any other LVB applications, Interactive features like Internet Banking Site, websites, ATM Screens and other offline information collection unless expressly stated at the time of collection. Please read Bank Privacy Policy fully before using the App.

Type of Personally Identifiable Information Ways Bank use Customer’s information Information Sharing
Registration, Providing the Service, Maintenance of App Marketing Profiling Service Providers Legal Process / RBI Compliance
App Settings Yes No No No Yes
Contact Info Yes No No No Yes
Financial Information Yes No Yes Yes Yes
App Usage Information Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Location Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

The App does not collect biometrics, browser history, phone or text logs, Customer’s contacts, user files on Customer’s device that contain Customer’s content, financial information other than Customer activity on this App as described elsewhere in this privacy policy.
App Settings - Data storied locally on the device Customer use to access the App that contain information about Customer’s activities on the App or that allow the App to remember information about Customer and Customer’s activities.
Contact Information - May include name, date of birth, phone number, mobile phone number, email address, last few digits of Customer’s debit card number and other online or physical contact information.
Device Identifier - IP address or other unique identified for any computer, mobile phone, tablet or other device Customer may use to access the App. A Device Identifier is a number that is automatically assigned to Customer’s device, and Bank servers identify Customer’s device by its Device Identifier. The App does not collect, use, or share Customer’s hardware-based Device ID (such as Customer’s UDID or IMEI).
Financial Information - Financial information may include Customers accounts, balances, and transactions.
Tracking Customers activity includes:

  • Pages visited by the Customer on the App and how long Customer stayed at each page.
  • Activities Customer engaged in at this App, such as Customers searches and transactions

Usage Information - Information about Customers use of the App, including the type of device Customers are using to access the App, the browser and operating system Customer are using, the search terms or advertisements that referred or otherwise led Customer to the App, the areas of the App that Customer access or use, and the time of day Customer used the App. Usage Information may also include a Device Identifier. Bank and Bank’s Service Providers, including analytics providers, may automatically collect certain “Usage Information” whenever Customer access and use the App.
Location - Information about Customer’s and Bank’s geographic location, such as GPS, Wi-Fi-based, network-based, or user entered for searching Branch and ATM Locations.

Addition Information:
Information Use
Use for “Marketing,” as described in the chart above, means contacting the Customer through means other than telephone (for example, email or postal mail) to offer and market to Bank’s services or products, including special offers or advertisements, any of which may be tailored to suit the customer needs.
Use for “Profiling,” as described in the chart above, means use of Customer information to do research and analysis and to make decisions that directly affect Customer, such as to display Bank ads based on activity in the App.
Use for “Registration, Providing the service and maintaining the App” means using information about Customer to: (1) allow and user the features Bank offers or to provide related customer service; (2) registration, including verifying that information Customer provides are active and valid; (3) process a transaction Customer initiates; (4) improve the App and Bank products, and for internal business purposes, including the measurement of the App’s effectiveness; and (5) contact Customer with regard to use of the App and, in Bank discretion, changes to Bank’s policies.
In addition to the uses described above, to analyze Bank’s App, the App may use various analytics services, which may independently collect Usage Information, set and access their own tracking technologies, and otherwise collect or have access to non-personally or personally identifiable information about the Customer.

Information Sharing
As noted in the chart above, when Customer provides information to Bank through the App, Bank may share the information with service providers it has retained to perform services on behalf, including developing, hosting or maintaining the App, providing customer support, sending email or other communications, providing marketing assistance, and providing analytics services.
Sharing for “Legal Purposes,” as described in the chart above, means Bank may disclose Certain Customer information (i) if required or permitted to do so by law or legal process, (ii) to law enforcement authorities, or (iii) when such disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with an investigation of suspected or actual illegal activity.
In addition to the information sharing described in the chart above, Bank may also share Customer information with third parties with Customer consent or at Customer request.
Lakshmi Vilas Bank also reserves the right to disclose and transfer Customer information if Bank goes through a business transition, such as a merger, acquisition by another company, sale of all or a portion of its assets, or other corporate change, including during the case of any due diligence process.
Bank may also share non-personal Information, such as aggregate user statistics (e.g., number of downloads and registrations, and most popular merchants), demographic information and Usage Information, with affiliates and third parties, including advertisers, content providers, and analytics providers. Third parties may collect non- personal Information when Customer download or use the App.
Some third parties may collect Customer personal information when Customer visit the App. Bank do not control the information collection, use, or sharing practices of third parties, including analytics providers.
Bank do not share Customer personal information with ad networks, carriers, consumer data resellers, data analytics providers other than the independent collection by those third parties described above, operating systems and platforms, other apps, or social networks.
Updating Customer Information and Customer Choices
Customer may be able to review and update account information through the App. Please note that Bank reserves the right to send Customer certain communications relating to Customer account or use of the App in the form of SMS, and these transactional SMS may be not be sent if Customer opts-out from message services.
Third Party Content and Links to Third Party Content
Certain content provided through the App may be hosted and served by third parties. In addition, the App may link to third party sites, apps, or other content over which Bank have no control and which are governed by the privacy policies and business practices of those third parties. Bank is not responsible for the privacy practices or business practices of any third party.
Bank take commercially reasonable security measures to help protect Customer information, both during transmission and once Bank receive it. However, no method of electronic transmission or method of electronic storage is 100% secure. Therefore, Bank cannot guarantee the security of any information Customer submit and Customer do so at Customer own initiative and risk.
Consent to Transfer
If Customers are located outside India, please be aware that information Bank collect through the App will be transferred to and processed within India. By using the App or providing us with any information, Customer fully understand and unambiguously consent to this transfer, processing and storage of Customer information in India, a jurisdiction in which the privacy laws may not be as comprehensive as those in the country where Customer reside and/or are a citizen.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
Lakshmi Vilas Bank may add to, delete, or change the terms of this Policy from time to time by posting a notice of the change (or an amended Policy) on this App. Customer’s continued use of the App or any online service following notification will constitute that Customer has agreed to the revised Policy.
If Bank makes any material changes to this Policy, the same will be notified by email prior to the change becoming effective.