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Loan Against Property


When you find yourself without the resources to meet emergencies or mark milestones, worry not. Raise the funds through a long term loan against the value of your property. Residential or commercial, building or land, we have the right product to help you monetize your assets without liquidating them.


  • Applicable to the following persons who are Income Tax assesses for at least two years:
    • Individuals
    • Salaried persons
    • Professionals
    • Agriculturalists
    • Partnership firms
    • Private and Public Limited Companies


  • 167% minimum collateral security coverage
  • No more than 40 year old land or building
  • Land value considered when building approval not available


  • Optional

Quantum of Finance

  • Minimum: Rs. 10 lacs


  • Genuine expenses related to weddings, medical emergencies, educational fees, undertaking tours, business requirements, etc.


  • A maximum of 120 EMIs without a holiday period


  • Normally, 40 % of the fair market value of the property 50% if the limit of financing is between Rs. 10 - 15 lacs 60% if the security extended is cross collateralised for any other facility with our bank

Interest Rate

  • One year MCLR + 2.25%

Processing Fee

  • 1% of loan amount


  • Single premium policy for the entire period of loan amount available
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