Lakshmi-Vilas-Bank Personal-NRI Premium-Banking

Lakshmi Rental Loan


Get a bulk loan amount against the rent receivables on your residential & commercial properties The loan caters to the needs of the individuals to meet their personal expenditure or to invest in their business.


  • Term Loan with monthly repayment mode against rent receivables
  • Tripartite Agreement between the Borrower-Owner, the Tenant and the Bank
  • Repayable in 120 monthly instalments (maximum)


1. Borrower

  • Owners of commercial and residential properties and who receive rental income
  • thereon viz., Individuals, Partnership/Proprietorship firms, Public & Private Limited
  • Companies, Trusts & other legal entities permitted to own properties, receive rentals and borrow from banks.


  • Commercial and residential properties located in semi-urban, urban and metro centers are eligible.

  • (a) Companies in Public or Private Sector including banks, financial institutions, national and international airlines, insurance companies, & Government Offices (State & Central).
  • (b) Subsidiaries/Associates of entities mentioned at (a) above.
  • (c) Well-known and reputed multinational companies.
  • (d) Reputed firms, in existence for at least 3 years. The firm should be a profit-making enterprise.
  • (e) Permanent employees of Government Departments, Banks and Employees of profit making and reputed Organizations, Firms and Companies.
  • LRLs may also be sanctioned to the property owners having residential buildings such as houses/flats etc., in their name(s) and have let out the same under lease agreement to Companies in the Public or Private Sector, including banks, financial institutions, national and international airlines, insurance companies, Government Offices (State & Central) or subsidiaries/associates of these entities.

4. Other Eligibility criteria

  • (a) In case of individual borrower, the maximum age at the time of maturity of the loan should not exceed 75 years.
  • (b) The borrower should be receiving minimum Net Monthly Rental of Rs.2,500/- (net of TDS, maintenance, etc. incurred by the borrower owner subject to a minimum of 20% of the gross rent) from the property offered as security.
  • (c) The borrower should have unencumbered, clear and marketable title to the property, the rent receivable of which is the basis for this loan and the same should be offered as security.


  • a) KYC documents of the applicant, Promoters & Guarantors
  • b) Rental Agreement between the borrower-owner and tenant
  • c) Collateral property documents
  • d) Any other documents as per the requirement

Loan Quantum

  • Minimum: Rs.50,000/-
  • Maximum: As per the eligibility.