Lakshmi-Vilas-Bank Personal-NRI Premium-Banking

FAQ on Internet Banking

  • Please visit our Bank’s Website using URL
  • Under Internet banking section on the right side, please select 'Retail' or ‘Corporate’ for logging into Retail or Corporate Net banking module respectively.
  • In the launch page, Click on the “Continue to Netbanking” after reading the Terms and Conditions
  • A login screen will appear.
  • Under Login ID, please enter your login ID given by your branch
  • Under Password, please enter the login password and click on “Submit” button
  • For enhanced security you can use the Virtual Keyboard to enter the Login Id and password. Usage of Virtual keyboard reduces the risk of password theft.
  • Banking Transactions:
  • Balance enquiry
  • Transaction details
  • Funds Transfer :
    • Between your own LVB A/c
    • To any other a/c in LVB
    • To any other Bank’s a/c via NEFT/RTGS
  • Open Term Deposit
  • Standing Instruction
    • Add
    • View
    • Modify
    • Delete
  • Cheque Book Request.
  • Cheque Status inquiry
  • Stop Payment Request
  • Loan account summary
  • Loan Repayment
  • Change Password
  • Change Transaction PIN (TPIN)
  • Reset Password / TPIN
  • Enroll Digital Signature Certificate
  • Encryption: Your Data and Messages travel in a 128Bit SSL (Extended Validation) mode encryption technique from reputed certifying authority.
  • Change Password Option: Customers are provided with an option to change your passwords any number of times through the application. You can change the passwords whenever you feel that your passwords have been compromised.
  • Data Confidentiality: Customer’s Data and other Information is kept highly confidential. This will not be disclosed to anybody unless legally warranted.
  • Password Confidentiality: Customer Passwords are known only to them. The Passwords are randomly generated by the system whenever password is generated or reset.
  • Number of Attempts to Login: Since customer security is of foremost importance to the bank, hence system will allow three successive invalid attempts to login. This is in order to prevent any brute force attacks. After the three attempts of wrong password, User id will be automatically blocked. There onwards customer can use the SMS Service from their registered mobile number to unlock the Login id. Alternatively, customer can request to unlock the same, by way of a letter to branch or through Mail to from registered email id.
  • Second Factor Authentication - One Time Password for every transaction. System will prompt you to enter the One Time Password sent on your registered mobile number for completing the transactions. Also customer can procure Digital Signature Certificate and enroll it in Internet banking for authenticating the transactions using DSC.
  • Secret Question and Answers: User can now set Secret Questions and Answers using which they can reset their Login Password and Transaction PIN.
  • Password will be valid for 90 days. After stipulated period, system will prompt to change the password

Since a secure session is established and the information is encrypted during transmission, others will not be able to read your information.
However, some Web browsers will store information on your computer even after you are finished with your online activity, which is called caching. Hence it is highly recommended that you should clear the browser cache after Logging out of Internet banking. The detailed procedure for clearing the browser cache is given below

Link for Procedure to clear Cache;

  • Minimum PIII Processor
  • Minimum 128 /256 MB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows XP and above
  • Internet connection through a service provider
  • Browsers: Recommended is Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.

Please contact the branch through which you had applied for the Internet Banking facility

You will receive a sms on your registered mobile number duly conveying the successful creation of user-id.
On receipt of the SMS, use the “New User Activation” link in the home page of Retail Internet Banking page. The detailed procedure for activating the user-id is given below. You can log into Internet Banking post Activation.

The following are the steps to activate User id online.
a) User can activate the User-id online by clicking on the “New User Activation “link


b) Key-in the Net banking Login (which is similar to the customer-id)


c) After entering the customer-id press on the ‘Submit’ button


d) Screen to capture the OTP , Reference Number and Login Password will be displayed


e) Enter the OTP received over the registered Mobile Number. The reference number on the front page of the Internet Banking PIN mailer to be entered. The Login password as given in the PIN mailer to be entered.
Please note that the Password is case sensitive.


f) Click on the submit Button once the details are keyed in .


g) On successful activation , following success message will be displayed


This activation link feature can be used only if the received PIN MAILER has Reference Number. If you have not received pin mailer with reference number, please send a mail to from your registered email-id for activating the user-id.

  • Yes, OTP will be sent to the registered mobile Number provided during the opening of account.

By Default, system will enable OTP via SMS mode only. If you want to get your OTP over Email, send the authorization letter to enable OTP over email.
Alternatively, NRI Customers can send mail to for activating the Internet Banking facility.

When you perform a financial transaction like Funds Transfer, etc. the system will prompt you to authenticate the Transaction using both OTP and Transaction Password. Unless you
authenticate the Transaction, the Transaction will not get through. You may refer the section: FAQs for Two Factor Authentication in Internet Banking for more details

If you have forgotten your Login password, you can reset by visiting the RESET LOGIN PASSWORD Option in the same Login page. Please Note:

I. Corporate customers can reset the login Password/Transaction PIN online, only if the user is enrolled for Digital Signature Certificate based authentication

II. The Online Password reset option can’t be used, if the Questions and Answers are not set by the user.

The detailed procedure for resetting passwords and 2FA is given in our FAQ Section in the following URLs.
Alternately, if question and answers are not set, you can reset your Login password / Transaction PIN by submitting a request application form at any of our Branches or by sending an email to by duly furnishing the following details.
  • Your Customer ID
  • Your Account No.
  • Name of LVB branch where you maintain the account.

On receipt of application and verification of the details a new password will be generated and sent to your address by courier / post available in the bank records
  • Click on the option ‘Account Activity’.
  • You can select Mini Statement for viewing last 10 transactions.
  • You can specify the period or amount for which you need the account statement. After entering the dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy, click on GO.
  • Statements can be generated in ascending or descending order by selecting the desired option.
  • Please note that you can get account statement for a maximum period of one year only from the current date
  • There is also a provision available to view debit/credit Transaction alone or both
  • Funds transfer to your own linked account
  • Funds transfer to any other account in any of our Branches.
  • Fund Transfer - Domestic through NEFT
  • Fund Transfer - Domestic through RTGS
Yes, the limits are as follows
Type of Funds Transfer Limit Per day Rs. Limit Per Txn Rs.
FT to Own accounts in LVB  5,00,000 5,00,000
FT to Third Party accounts in LVB  5,00,000 5,00,000
E-Commerce – Online shopping & Bills payment  1,00,000 1,00,000
NEFT during Banking hours 5,00,000 5,00,000
NEFT during non banking hours & holidays 3,00,000 3,00,000
IMPS P2A 2,00,000 1,00,000
IMPS P2P 50,000 50,000
RTGS  (Min 2.00 Lacs) 5,00,000 5,00,000
Type of Funds Transfer Limit Per day Rs. Limit Per Txn Rs.
FT to Own accounts in LVB  No limit 25,00,000
FT to Third Party accounts in LVB  No limit 25,00,000
E-Commerce – Online shopping & Bills payment  10,00,000 10,00,000
IMPS P2A 2,00,000 1,00,000
NEFT during banking hours No limit 10,00,000
NEFT during non banking hours & holidays 10,00,000 10,00,000
RTGS No limit 25,00,000
  • You need the following details for transferring funds from LVB to Other Bank:
  • The name of the beneficiary as mentioned in the account held in the other bank
  • Account number of the beneficiary held in the other bank
  • IFSC code for the beneficiary's branch.
  • Name of bank branch with which the account is held
  • IFSC Code stands for Indian Financial System Code (IFSC).
  • IFSC Code is a unique eleven-digit alphanumeric code number that helps in identifying a branch of any given bank in any given city. Ex-“LAVB0000435”
  • IFSC Code can be searched from Internet Banking facility through “Select the IFSC Code” option from the Beneficiary Maintenance Option.
  • Yes, if you have active Savings/Current Account with Netbanking Facility, you can open Online Term Deposit accounts.
  • This facility is given for registered customers only. Hence no documents are required for opening Term Deposits online. However applicable TDS will be deducted as per the rules prevalent from time to time.
  • DCD- Dhana Chakra Deposit- A cumulative Deposit product
  • FD- Fixed Deposit
  • NRE-FD- Nonresident External (Indian) Fixed Deposit
  • NRE-DCD- Nonresident External (Indian) Dhana Chakra Deposit
  • Senior Citizen-DCD- Senior Citizen Dhana Chakra Deposit
  • Senior Citizen FD- Senior Citizen Fixed Deposit
  • We have a separate savings product called Senior Citizen Savings Account. Those who are having this Senior Citizen Savings Accounts can only apply for Senior Citizen Deposits online and avail additional interest. However normal E-DCD and E-FD can be opened.
  • Yes, Non Resident customers having a Lakshmi Pravasi NRE SB Account, SB NRE Account are eligible for opening NRE-FD/DCD online through our net banking facility.
  • No, pre closure of Deposits through Internet Banking is not allowed, though payout option after TD Maturity can be instructed. Customer should visit the base branch in order to pre-close the online Term Deposit.
  • Yes, activities, details and summary of loan account linked to the customer id can be viewed in Internet Banking facility.
  • For Retail Customers, Based on the customer id, the system will automatically display the Loan account details in the respective tab in the net banking facility.
  • For Corporate Customers, Customer should submit a request letter to the branch, branch will verify the details and on successful verification it will be enabled.
  • Yes, there is an option to initiate/ modify /delete standing instruction to transfer funds from your account to various accounts like RD Account and other CASA accounts within LVB.