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About Health Insurance


Don’t let a dip in your health wipe off your wealth.

Brief Description: Modern medicine is a constant supply of hope to the diseased and ailing but it only works best when paired with good health insurance. Entire families can avoid bankruptcy and unplanned expenditure on illness and injury by investing in good health policies.

At LVB, our wealth management team helps you compare, analyse, and decide the best premiums and health insurance products based on your family history, income, and age. We put together plans for you and your loved ones so that you can rest assured of cashless hospitalizations, timely re-imbursements, and a high standard of treatment.

Buy an LVB partner product for guaranteed timely and personal attention in time of your greatest need.

Don’t let emergencies burn your pockets and your family’s future. Buy health insurance today! Call an LVB wealth manager to know your options.



In order present a Seamless experience for your Health Insurance needs, LVB has partnered with the following:




ManipalCigna Health Insurance