Lakshmi-Vilas-Bank Personal-NRI Premium-Banking

Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy for customers of LAKSHMI VILAS BANK.

Exclusive coverage offered to Saving and Current account holder under Group Personal Accident policy Issued to Lakshmi Vilas Bank.

Why purchase Accident Insurance?

  • Accidents do happen! In India there is an accidental death every 2minutes, resulting in over 2.15 lakh families losing an earning member and less than 6000 die due to a heart attack

  • Disability figures due to an accident far exceed these numbers

  • An effective means to cover one’s liabilities

  • It’s an inexpensive option to secure oneself.

Key Features

  • Accident Death Coverage for a Sum Insured of Rs. 5 Lacs

  • Offers to pay a benefit up to the maximum Sum Insured in the event of Accidental Death

  • The cover provided is applicable 24 hours a day, 7 day a week, 365 days of the year

  • The individual stands protected by this Personal Accident cover in India and any other location worldwide

  • Minimum entry Age : 18 years, Maximum entry Age: 70 years

  • Policy will be issued for a tenure of 1 year


Accidental Death - Covers the Insured in case of loss of life in an accident up to 100 % of the Sum Insured. If during the Period of Insurance an Insured Person sustains Bodily Injury which directly and independently of all other causes results in Death within twelve (12) months of the Date of Loss, then the Company agrees to pay to the Insured Person's Beneficiary or legal representative Rs. 5 lacs under the policy.

Specific Extensions

Disappearance - In the event of the disappearance of the Insured Person, following a forced landing, stranding, sinking or wrecking of a conveyance in which such Insured Person was known to have been travelling as an occupant, it shall be deemed after twelve (12) months, subject to all other terms and conditions of this Policy, that such Insured Person shall have died as the result of an Accident. If at any time, after the payment of the Accidental death benefit, it is discovered that the Insured Person is still alive; all payments shall be reimbursed in full to the Company.

Exposure - Death as a direct result of exposure to the elements shall be deemed to be Bodily Injury.

General Exclusions

The Company shall not be liable to pay any benefit in respect of any Insured Person:

  • for Bodily Injury or Sickness occasioned by Civil War or Foreign War.

  • for Bodily Injury or Sickness caused or provoked intentionally by the Insured Person.

  • for Bodily Injury or Sickness due to wilful or deliberate exposure to danger, (except in an attempt to save human life), intentional self-inflicted injury, suicide or attempt thereat, or arising out of non-adherence to Medical Advice.

  • for Bodily Injury or Sickness sustained or suffered whilst the Insured Person is or as a result of the Insured Person being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or narcotics unless professionally administered by a Physician or unless professionally prescribed by and taken in accordance with the directions of a Physician.

  • for Bodily Injury whilst the Insured Person is travelling by air other than as a fare paying passenger on an aircraft registered to an airline company for the transport of paying passengers on regular and published scheduled routes.

  • for Bodily Injury sustained whilst or as a result of participating in any criminal act.

  • for Bodily Injury sustained whilst or as a result of active participation in any violent labour disturbance, riot or civil commotion or public disorder.

  • for Bodily Injury sustained whilst on service or on duty with or undergoing training with any military or police force, or militia or paramilitary organisation, notwithstanding that the Bodily Injury occurred whilst the Insured Person was on leave or not in uniform.

  • for Bodily Injury sustained whilst or as a result of active participation in any hazardous sport such as parachuting, hangliding, parasailing, off-piste skiing or bungee jumping.

For complete terms conditions and exclusions of the product please refer policy wording of group Personal Accident Insurance policy available in downloads section at


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