Lakshmi-Vilas-Bank Personal-NRI Premium-Banking

ATM Cards


ATM cards are more convenient to carry and use and less risky




The cardholder is allotted a computer-generated 4 digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) which will be sent in a secured and sealed PIN mailer. The PIN is used for withdrawing cash at an ATM. The PIN should be safeguarded carefully. Usage of wrong PIN three times would invalidate the card for the rest of the day.


Loss of Card


The cardholder should immediately notify the Bank through following options


a) Thru SMS : Send an SMS from the registered mobile number in the following format: LVBCRB <last four digits of the card> [Eg: LVBCRB 2134]

  • The SMS need to be sent to our Long code "9282441155"
  • If SMS wrongly keyed in, then user will get response as "You are keyed in invalid request, the request should be in the format LVBCRB<SPACE><LAST 4 DIGIT CARD NO>"
  • If SMS successfully sent and card details & mobile number matched, then user will get response "Your card XXX01234 had been blocked successfully"
  • If SMS successfully sent and card details & mobile number mismatched, then user will get response as, "Unable to process your request due to invalid mobile or Card number"

b) Through mobile banking:

  • By downloading LVB mobile app -> Select Other Services ->
  • Select Card blocking -> Select acct No ->enter debit card PIN ->
  • Select reason for blocking and enter OTP received

c) Inform thru Toll free number : 1800 - 425 - 2233 [Through registered mobile number]

d) Inform thru Email from the registered email ID to

e) Inform the Base Branch where the account is held.


Debits to Customer's account


The bank has the authority to debit the designated account of the cardholder for all withdrawals effected by the cardholder by using the card as evidenced by Bank's records which will be conclusive and binding on the cardholder.


Closing of account


The cardholder wishing to close the designated account and surrender the card will give the Bank notice in writing and surrender the card along with the notice.


Validity of Card


The card is valid till the last day of the month embossed on the card. If the card is used after expiry, it will be rejected by the ATM.


Cash Withdrawal


Minimum of Rs. 100/- and Maximum per day withdrawal limit is as under

Card Type Maximum Per Day Withdrawal Limit INR
Rupay KISSAN 25000
Rupay CLASSIC 40000
Rupay PMJDY 25000
Rupay PMJDY - School Children 10000

Our customers have access to around 160000 ATMs across the country for Balance Enquiry & Cash Withdrawal.