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Debit Card

LVB International Debit Card


LVB VISA International Debit Card allows you to purchase goods at Merchant Establishments through POS and also gives the freedom to withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere across the globe and to do e-commerce transactions.



Features of Debit Card:


  • Valid in India and Overseas
  • Can be used to make purchase at over 4,70,000 Merchant outlets in India and over 29 million Merchant outlets worldwide.
  • Can be used to perform transactions through e-commerce (Ticket booking, Online shopping, Utility Bill Payment)
  • Can be used for Cash Withdrawal at over 50,000 ATMs in India and over 1.2 Million ATMs worldwide.
  • As your account will be debited instantly to the extent of purchases made or the amount withdrawn from ATMs using the Debit Card there will not be any outstanding in the case of a Debit Card.



Verified by Visa -VbV


Verified by Visa (VbV) is a service from VISA that lets to shop online securely with the existing Visa Debit card. It gives the extra protection and peace of mind while shopping online. This service is usable only on verified by Visa merchant websites through a simple checkout process, confirms your identity when you make purchases on the Internet. The Visa transaction will only be authorized when the card-holder supply the password.


Using Debit Card Abroad:


LVB VISA International Debit Card can be used anywhere in India and abroad wherever VISA/ VISA Electron sign is displayed subject to Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999.


Making Purchase at a Merchant Establishment



  • Present the Card to the merchant, after your purchases.
  • For your safety, the Merchant will make a few quick checks and then swipe it through an electronic terminal and enter the amount of the bill
  • On approval the terminal will print out a transaction slip with all the details of the purchase.
  • Check the slip and sign at the appropriate place. The Merchant will return a copy of the transaction slip and the Card.






  • VISA International Debit card will be issued to SB account holders/Current account- (only for Individuals and proprietorship concerns) and Staff SCOD accounts.
  • Charges Applicable:
    Particulars Amount (in Rs.)
     Issuance Charges  NIL
     Annual Fee*  100.00
     Duplicate card charge  200.00
     Duplicate Pin Mailer  100.00
     International withdrawal charges (cash)  100.00
     International balance enquiry charges  25.00

    In addition to the above charges, applicable service taxwill be collected. (*As a special case, at present first year annual fee is exempted)
  • Validity of 'VISA Debit card' : The card is valid for Three years from the month of issue.
  • Issue of VISA International Debit card to the existing ATM card -holders:
    • Existing ATM card-holders can avail VISA International debit card facility, by submitting specific written request to concerned branch.
    • New VISA International debit card will be sent to the Customer’s Branch and the pin mailer (along with the terms and conditions) will be sent to the customer, as per the existing delivery system followed for the present ATM cards.
    • The new VISA International Debit Card will get activated once the customer does the first transactions through LVB/ Shared Network ATMs. On Activation of VISA International Debit Cards the existing ATM card will automatically get deactivated.
    • Onactivation of VISA International debit card, the customer will be abided by the terms and conditions of the VISA debit card.
    • It is not mandatory to the existing card-holders to migrate to the VISA International debit card. They can continue with the existing ATM card, which can only be used to draw cash from LVB/network ATMs.
    • The existing account holder who is not having LVB ATM card facility can also avail VISA International debit card on the above lines.