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Assured wealth plan


Life is all about fulfilling your dreams for your loved ones. You plan to fulfill goals like your savings, children’s education, marriage and your peaceful retirement. However, in an environment which is full of uncertainty and volatility, you need guaranteed assurance, that surmounts all such risks. We understand the significance of such milestones and secure your financial future by helping you pursue your dreams towards accomplishment of these milestones with certainty.



  • Guaranteed Maturity Benefit
    Get fully guaranteed lumpsum benefit to meet your savings goals
  • Flexible premium payment term and policy term
    The product helps you build wealth systematically, it offers 6 different variants of Premium Payment Term and Policy Term
  • Complete financial security in case of death
    The product offers comprehensive death benefit to the nominee in case of death of Life Insured during the policy term, provided the policy is in force. Lump sum death benefit is paid immediately on death of Life Insured ensuring complete financial security for your loved ones in your absence
  • Tax benefits
    tax benefits apply to the premiums paid and benefits received by you as per the prevailing tax laws
  • Enhanced protection through riders
    The product offers additional rider(s) that can be taken with the policy to provide for additional protection as per your need


Below listed scenarios are assumed for a healthy male (without loading and all applicable taxes, cesses and levies as imposed by the Government).


Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Age of Life Insured

35 years

35 years

35 years

Premium Payment Term/Policy Term

5 Pay 10

5 Pay 10

5 Pay 10

Annualized Premium*




Total Annualized Premium




Guaranteed Maturity Sum Assured




Age of the Life Insured at Entry
(age as on last birthday)

Minimum entry age: 0 (91 Days)
Where the life to be insured is a minor at the date of commencement of policy,

there shall be a proposer to propose Life Insurance cover on the life of the minor.

The proposer shall have insurable interest on the life of the minor.

The proposer is the rightful owner of the policy during the minority of the life insured.

The policy shall continue on the life of the life insured once he/she attains majority.

The relationship of the proposer to the Life insured (minor) shall be either parent or legal guardian and the same shall be mentioned in the proposal form.
Maximum entry age : 60 years

Premium payment options

Policy Term

For PPT5: 10, 15, 20 years
For PPT8: 16 years
For PPT 10: 15, 20 years

Premium Payment Term

5, 8 or 10 years

Guaranteed Sum Assured  at  Maturity


Rs. 1,61,225


Subject to limits determined in accordance with the Board approved underwriting policy of the Company

Premium Payment Mode & Modal Factors: Annual and Monthly Only

Premium Payment Mode

Modal Factors





Minimum Premium:

Premium Payment Mode

Minimum Premium


Rs. 24,000


Rs. 2,000