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Q1 30th June 2015 Performance.

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Un audited financial result for the quarter ended 30th June 2015.

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Lakshmi Vilas Bank Internet Banking (LVB iNet) enables customers to conduct financial transactions on a secure website from anywhere and anytime without any geographical and time constraints.

Avoid the queue or delays and try our simple and secure Internet Banking facility for an unmatched online banking experience. The facility can be availed by any individual customer of the bank, having an operative account with our branches.

The customers who are willing to avail LVB iNet facility can approach any branch of LVB to get the IB facility application form or directly download the application form from our website www.lvbank.com which is readily available.

All you need to do is to Log in using your User-ID and Password.

LVB iNet Features
Using Internet banking services, you can do the following banking transactions online: 
  • Funds Transfer between Own Accounts in LVB.
  • Third Party Funds Transfer to Accounts within LVB.
  • Other Bank Funds Transfer ( NEFT / RTGS)
  • Online Loan Repayment
  • Opening Term Deposits (e-DCD) online.
  • One view for all the accounts of a customer.
  • Account Summary and Account details.
  • View, Print and Download Statement of Accounts.
  • Term Deposit Calculator / Loan Calculator.
  • Cheque Book Status enquiry.
  • Stop Cheque Request.
  • Cheque Book request.
  • PKI- Digital Signature Certificate Enrolling
Enhanced Security Features for SAFE BANKING

      ·    Secret Question and Answers
        ·   Second Factor authentication using OTP via SMS/Email
        ·  Second Factor  authentication using Digital Signature Certificate Token

   Click here for more information on Second Factor Authentication 

Other Features Includes


  • Status of Cheque / Cheque book
  • Details of Term Deposits.
  • Details of Loans.
  • Standing Instructions.
  • Interest Rates
  • Beneficiary Maintenance
Resetting the password
You can generate both your login and transaction password online in case you have forgotten it, by answering the Preset Secret Question and Answers and then authenticate through Second Factor authentication.  In the interest of safety of our customer’s funds and confidentiality of information, no telephone or email request will be accepted for resetting the password
Unlocking the user id
If the customer tries to log in with a wrong password continuously for specified number of times, the system will automatically lock his User Id. Under such circumstances, customers can now unlock your User ID by sending an SMS from his registered mobile number to 9282441155 with the text LVB ULK xxxxxx where ‘xxxxxx’ denotes user ID. 

The message format should be  :   LVB<one space> ULK <one space><User id>
For eg:  LVB ULK 12345 

Alternately, customer can also request for unlocking  by sending a request to Netsupport@lvbank.in , as per the existing practice: 

Click here for More Details on Unlocking /Online Password Reset features.


Toll Free Number


For activating the Inet user id
and  password


For other net banking
related queries ( Unlocking,Resetting,etc )




  • Make net banking passwords difficult to guess by using strong 6-8 length alphanumeric characters
  •  Change your password at regular Intervals
  • Set Secret Questions and Answers to ensure that you can reset the Password online.
  • Update the latest Mobile Number and E-Mail id with the Branch.
  • LVB sends you all your transaction alerts and transaction related authentications (Eg One time password) on your registered mobile number, Visit your LVB Branch today to update your mobile number and ensure your account security.
  • Register for Two Factor Authentication: (2FA) for additional security for your Net Banking Transactions using PKI- Digital Signature Certificate authentication.   
  • Keep a track of all your accounts and transactions done in account regularly.
  • Access Internet Banking Portal from www.lvbank.com only, Do not click and Shortcuts/links.
  • Use Virtual Keyboard to enter sensitive Information like User Id and Password.
  • Before Keying in sensitive information, ensure the site is running in secure mode by looking for the padlock symbol at the bottom of the browser or whether the URL is being displayed in green.
  •  In case you feel that your user ID/password is compromised, change the passwords immediately.
  • In case of loss, damage or compromise of the USB crypto token containing the Digital Signature Certificate, PIN or the Digital Signature certificate which includes the private key, the customer should immediately stop the usage of token for further transactions and report the same to bank at toll free number 1800 425 2233 for revoking the certificate or the certifying authority for revoking the certificate at +91 80 44360000.
  • Scan email attachments for viruses before opening them. When unsure about the source of an attachment, delete it
  •  Customers should install a good anti-virus system on their PCs and ensure that it is updated regularly.
  • Help LVB in preventing frauds, phishing, by reporting incidents to Netsupport@lvbank.in
  • Use recommended Standard Safe Web browsers like Internet Explorer 7.0 and above.
  • Log off from the Internet banking when your session is finished. Clear the Browser level Cookies, Cache and Saved Passwords from the browsers.


  • Do not write down passwords, PIN on any paper which may be seen easily by anyone.
  •  Do Not share Login User-id , Password, Digital Signature Certificate and the PIN associated with the Digital signature certificate to anyone including family members, friends or bank employees
  •  Don’t access bank website from a link provided in an email from any source. Instead, type the address of the bank website in the address bar of browser to access the bank account
  •  Don’t click on any link provided in emails; it may redirect users to a fake/phishing site.
  • Never note down user ID, password on piece of paper, documents or phones for easy retrieval.
  • Customers should also never use the ‘remember password’ feature provided by browsers to save their net banking passwords.
  • Don’t access net banking from cyber cafes. If you have to, use the virtual key board too key in details and ensure you log out of the system once you are done.
  • Don’t share your password or CVV details to anybody. Bank never asks for confidential information like user id, password, ATM card number, CVV, etc., via mail, SMS or bank initiated phone calls.


Other Links

Download NetBanking - Retail application

Download NetBanking - Corporate application

Download NetBanking - Mandate

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